The Arp Schnitger Organ in Eenum
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The Arp Schnitger Organ in Eenum
Gwendolyn Toth, organ

In 1704 the village of Eenum in the Netherlands commissioned an organ from the great German organ maker Arp Schnitger that still survives today - one of nine Schnitgers in the Groningen province, part of the reason that this province together with Ost-Friesland in neighboring Germany is known as “the European organ garden.” Another 1704 Schnitger is located in the nearby town of Godlinze, and is nearly identical in outward appearance; but the two organs sound fascinatingly different. The Eenum organ exemplifies Schnitger’s late 17th-century organ building style - even with the 1809 changes - whereas the Godlinze organ now looks forward to an 18th-century sound world.

1 Benedicamus Domino [Codex Faenza, 15th c.]
2 Fuga Josquin [Krakow tablature, 1548]
3 Praeambulum in Ut Leonhard Kleber (c.1495-1556)
4 Tant que vivray (Claudin de Sermisy) [Chansons, Attaignant, 1530]
5 Hors envyeux (Nicolas Gombert) [Chanson intabulation, 16th c.]
6 Belli Franciae [La Guerre] (Clement Janequin) [Kraków tablature, 1548]
7 O lux beata trinitas [Luneburg tablature, 17th c.]
8 O lux beata trinitas Michael Praetorius (1571-1621)
9 Praeambulum in d, WV 36 Heinrich Scheidemann (c.1595-1663)
10 Pavane lachrymae, WV 106 (John Dowland) Scheidemann
11 Vater unser im Himmelreich II, WV 27 Scheidemann
12 Praeambulum in F, WV 39 Scheidemann
13 Herzlich lieb hab ich dich, o Herr, WV 62 [attrib. Scheidemann]
14 A solis ortus cardine, WV 1 Scheidemann
15 Mascarata in g, WV 108 Scheidemann
16 Benedicam Domino, WV 48 Scheidemann

Recorded June 2015 at the Hervormde Kerk, Eenum, the Netherlands.
Dongsok Shin, recording engineer, producer, and editor

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